Colour, Pattern, Illustration & Design Thinking


Brand Creation, Sustainable Packaging & Surface Pattern Design

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Amaranthine is a sustainable and reusable solution to the packaging of cut flowers, designed to encourage the use of local florists and reduce plastic waste.

I designed a self-containing singular piece of fabric that wraps uniquely around the bouquets, replacing the use of plastic/paper. This can be brought back by the independent florist's customers to be continually reused, thus closing the loop in flower packaging disposal and encouraging the repeat business of local florists.

The surface designs are playful and bright, and depict people growing, selling, and giving flowers. The motifs were inspired by Victorian photography of street market sellers. The last design of 'flower givers' also questions the perception of flowers being solely a gift from men to women, and celebrates the range of ethnicities and relationships of people around the world.


Book Illustration & Surface Pattern Design

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A fun and foodie design project where I worked closely as an illustrator with the Penryn Press Society publishing team on their latest project: Cooking Cornish.

The recipe book aims to celebrate some of Cornwall’s most classic dishes, and encourage the cooking of these at home. Each recipe has a unique pattern featuring the key ingredients, which totalled over 60 individual hand painted foods.


Print Concept, Catalogue Design & Content Creation

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Inspired by the design of Pantone swatch books, the catalogue displays the vibrant spectrum of the graduating year of Textile Design 2018 at Falmouth University.

This was a collaborative project designed and led by myself and coursemate Becky Knott, and funded collectively by the graduating year of Textile Design 2018. It was distributed at New Designers 2018, and had a highly positive response.

The catalogue also has an accompanying Instagram account, which matches the aesthetic of the design.